Auto Education Training


Auto Education training courses cover all areas of mechanical, electrical, electronic and diagnostics fault-finding and repair over the entire vehicle. We offer a structured solution that spans all ability levels from Basic to Master Technician; in fact, it’s all
the training your business will ever need. Technicians achieve career development from Academy training, gaining qualifications that prove they are competent to repair your customers’ vehicles. 

Online Technician Assessments 

Preliminary online Technician Assessments help us to gauge every technician’s current ability and level of understanding – we don’t waste time going over ground that’s already been covered. The Assessment consists of a questionnaire divided into three
subjects: Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and Diagnostics. Each subject is further divided into five subsections focusing on particular vehicle systems with five questions each, so the candidate has 75 questions to answer in 75 minutes. The results quickly and clearly indicate the technician’s technical strengths and weaknesses. Technician Assessments are a valuable tool for employers, allowing technicians to be graded according to ability, and can be used as part of a strategic recruitment and remuneration policy. They also enable us to structure personal training plans, tailored to the individual needs of the technicians. 

Tailored Training Plans 

Depending upon ability, a personal plan will cover up to 18 different subjects at either Basic or Advanced Level, spanning either two years for Advanced or three years for Basic
Level technicians. Each subject is covered by eight hours of e-learning, accessed wherever and whenever it suits the technician, and eight hours of on-site practical training. Onsite training takes place at a venue determined by the location of the trainees, and is restricted to no more than 10 technicians at a time.  Personal training plans lead to Master Technician status, a degree of excellence that qualifies technicians for ongoing training on new technologies and systems implemented in the latest vehicles, allowing businesses to develop and diversify into new specialities and offer new services. 

Master Technician Training 

At this level, courses adopt a modular structure, split 30% theory and 70% practical. Every two-day module includes an introduction to the course and details of the car, the system and its various components. The rest of the
module is hands-on in the workshop, with a Master Technician and one of our specially prepared vehicles. We have 35 cars fitted with electronic fault simulators, programmed to reproduce up to 28 real technical faults. They are popular models that reflect the vehicles on the road today, the cars you will see in your workshops with problems that you will face. You can learn how to diagnose and repair faults on DPFs, DSGs, CVTs, Haldex systems, CAN Bus, Driver Assistance and Start/ Stop technology, even electric and hybrid vehicles.

Course content is continually re-assessed and is aligned to the Auto Vehicle Troubleshooting online helpline – as the database grows, so these known faults and repairs are incorporated into the syllabus, to keep the training up to date and give technicians the information they need. Practical training can, when convenient to those attending, be held in Auto Education’s new IMI Approved Centre, where all training sessions are IMI Quality Assured. Of course, we can hold sessions at any suitable location if logistically preferable. 

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