Buy Now Pay Later 2017

Cashflow; it’s been the death of many a business. So, wouldn’t it be good to find a supplier that’s prepared to let you Buy the things you need Now and Pay for them Later (possibly long after you’ve sold them)?

At Euro Car Parts, you’ll find we offer Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) deals throughout the year, allowing you to stock up on the products you need in readiness for the start of a season and pay for them as much as five-months’ later, with 0% interest.

We’re talking about products like batteries, aircon gas and oil; giving you the opportunity to get ahead of the game, having product in stock when you need it, ready for that early cold snap or unexpected Easter sunshine. And yet, not having to worry about paying for it until much later.

But these deals don’t last forever, they’re NOT rolling offers. If you want to take maximum advantage of a Buy Now, Pay Later deal from Euro Car Parts, you have to move fast because the window of opportunity is only open for a limited time and payment will always be due in a specified month.

Of course, as with all financial deals, there are some additional terms and conditions that apply and these will vary slightly, depending on the product that’s available on BNPL but we do our best to keep these to an absolute minimum. Typically, the following terms will always apply, in addition to other, promotion specific terms and conditions

  • BNPL offers are only available to trade customers with a cash or credit account
  • There will be a minimum purchase requirement for BNPL to apply and there is also a maximum £500 per customer limit for these deals unless otherwise agreed
  • There are certain customer terms that do not allow us to offer Buy Now Pay Later
  • Maximum credit allowances will always apply


Typical example:

Euro Car parts might launch a BNPL deal in April, which is available throughout April and May, with payment due in September.

  • You can only take advantage of the deal up to May 31st
  • Payment will be due on the same date in the month as the original sales order date and no later than 30th September. So, for example:
    • If your invoice is dated 12th April 2017, you must provide us with a cheque, for the full invoice amount, dated 12th September 2017
    • If your invoice is dated 27th May 2017, then the cheque must be dated 27th September 2017
  • To maximise the Buy Now, Pay Later benefit you must buy as early as possible during the promotion period


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