Euro Car Parts Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions

(Covering Lifetime Warranty parts only or parts and labour)

Euro Car Parts Limited, T2 Birch Coppice Business Park, Danny Morson Way, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SE., company number 02680212 (“ECP”) shall provide a lifetime warranty on a range of qualifying parts. The warranty cover for such qualifying parts is subject to the below terms and conditions.

As a non-insured product, this lifetime warranty falls outside the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).
The financial warranty will be solely provided and administered by ECP, part of the LKQ Group of companies and not the individual manufacturer of the parts. In the event that ECP ceases trading there is no dedicated financial backing.
These terms apply to Business Customers only as the lifetime warranty has only been sold to our trade customers in the course of a business, trade or profession (“Business Customer”).
1. Application of the Warranty:
a. The lifetime warranty will only be applicable to certain qualifying parts considered as mechanical components only and which will be advised at the time of your purchase (“Qualifying Parts”).
b. The lifetime warranty runs from the date of the initial purchase of the part as per the original sales invoice. For the avoidance of doubt, any future replacements of qualifying parts shall not render the warranty period from commencing from the date of replacement.
c. The lifetime warranty will apply per part number. Should you purchase a number of parts with the same part number, on one single invoice, a lifetime warranty for each part number or for the combined value of the same part numbers, will be required.
d. Subject to these terms, the lifetime warranty is limited to three replacements of the Qualifying Part in the lifetime only.
e. Proof of purchase of the original sales invoice which confirms the purchase of the lifetime warranty must be provided to qualify for use of a lifetime warranty under these terms.
f. Where a lifetime warranty including labour claim has been purchased, your entitlement is only limited to a labour claim in accordance with clause 4a below and as per clause 5 below, no other costs or charges shall be accommodated.
2. The Warranty excludes:
a. All serviceable items that are deemed a manufacturer serviceable item (including without limitation) bulbs, wiper blades, filters, driving belts, spark plugs, brake pads, brake discs, cambelts.
b. Vehicles used in a fleet, taxi, government, commercial vehicle or limo service or have been converted from private passenger use to commercial or fleet use, or are used for racing or other competition or off-road recreational purposes.
c. All collision parts (including Platinum Plus parts where different warranty terms apply), tools and paint are exempt from these lifetime warranty provisions.
d. If you have only purchased a lifetime warranty EXCLUDING labour charges, then your lifetime warranty shall exclude labour charges in relation to the Qualifying Part and for installation of replacements parts (see lifetime warranty invoice/warranty purchase for further details).
e. Freight costs or similar transportation costs.
3. All Warranties are Null and Void if:
a. The lifetime warranty has been transferred (see below) or is being claimed for a different vehicle registration mark referred to on the original sales invoice.
b. In the reasonable opinion of ECP, is subject to a fraudulent claim.
4. Terms and Conditions for Making a Warranty Claim
a. Only if you have purchased a lifetime warranty INCLUDING labour claims shall this point apply: Approval for repairs or replacements must be approved by ECP prior to any work being performed. Labour rates shall be paid at the rate of £45 plus VAT within the M25 area and £35 plus VAT for the rest of the UK. We attempt (where possible) to pay labour rates in accordance with ICME (Institute of Chartered Mechanical Engineers) book/repair times.
b. We reserve the right to inspect any Qualifying Part prior to replacement.
c. This warranty is not transferable, only benefits the Business Customer named on the invoice AND must match the vehicle registration mark on the invoice as supplied at the time of purchase of the Qualifying Part.
d. The replacement Qualifying Part supplied to you may not be identical to the Qualifying Part initially supplied as per your invoice (due to factors including but not limited to discontinuation of the part by the manufacturer who supplied the original part). However, the replacement Qualifying Part shall be of the same specification and correct for application on your vehicle (as detailed on the original sales invoice) as the initial part supplied.
e. Any “Recommended Installation Procedures” provided by the manufacturer of the Qualifying Part must be followed by the installer to maintain warranty coverage.
f. While most fluids have been drained from our Qualifying Parts, it is your responsibility to completely drain and replace fluids, lubricants, antifreeze and filters with replacements that are fresh, clean and approved by the vehicle manufacturer.
g. In the Event of Failure: The Business Customer must use all reasonable means to protect the Qualifying Part from further damage and must return the original defective Qualifying Part to ECP. You must furnish ECP with such information as ECP may reasonably require (including any information required under these lifetime warranty terms), together with proof of the vehicle’s regular maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer in the owner’s manual.
h. We reserve the right to reasonably refuse the sale of a lifetime warranty to any Business Customer where it is in our reasonable opinion to do so and our decision shall be final and binding.
5. Liability and General
a. For the avoidance of doubt, your rights and remedies under the lifetime warranty are as set out in these terms and you shall not be entitled to any further payments or benefits in addition to those set out in these terms. 
b. We will not be liable to you under the lifetime warranty (including or excluding labour) for any indirect, special or
consequential loss or damages whether caused by breach of contract or tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or arising in any other way.
c. Nothing in these terms shall limit our liability for:-
i. death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employees or agents;
ii. loss caused by fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
iii. any loss which by law cannot be excluded or limited
d. These terms and conditions are in conjunction and without prejudice to Euro Car Parts standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (found at If there are any inconsistencies or conflicts between these lifetime warranty terms and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale with regard to Lifetime Warranties only, then these lifetime warranty terms shall prevail.
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