Garage Services

Introducing Garage Services

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. These days, keeping customers, and finding new ones, is tough. Competition is fierce, so the last thing you want to do is send customers elsewhere because you’re unable to provide the right solutions in-house.

Garage Services from LKQ Euro Car Parts is a range of added value services designed to provide your customers with all the regular services they’ll require to keep their vehicles up to date.

Benefits of Garage Services 

Learn About our Easy Start Scheme 

Buying any new piece of garage equipment can represent a significant investment for your business, but what if you need that equipment to add new services your business offers, keep up to date with vehicle technology advancements or you need to upgrade an existing piece of equipment. There is solution available that can make acquiring new garage equipment simple and affordable. The easy start scheme enables you to purchase what you need to meet your business demands and in turn grow your business.  Find out more




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