Tyres are Changing: Part 1

Correct tyre care and maintenance is critical for the safety of vehicles on UK roads. Having the option to offer your customers additional services such as tyre checks, tyre replacements and wheel balancing, along with TPMS checks and replacements, will provide and boost additional income to your business.

10% of all MOT failures are tyre related, with that number increasing year on year. The number one tyre failure is associated to worn treads, bulges and cuts in the tyre wall. Millions of cars in the UK are now fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems and as of 1st January 2015, a car displaying a TPMS fault when submitted for its MOT will result in a test failure. This saw a huge increase in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), which means having one is an opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss.

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