Air Conditioning

There are millions of cars and light commercial vehicles on the road fitted with air conditioning, and what’s more the vast majority of all new vehicle registrations now come with aircon as standard.

Different types of gas

Up until the end of 2016 vehicles could be fitted with either R134a or 1234yf gas systems. Changes in EU legislation now means that every car manufactured from the beginning of 2017 can only be fitted with the 1234yf gas systems. The chances of a vehicle coming into your garage with 1243yf gas are fast increasing, so whether you’re looking to add air-conditioning as an additional service you offer or are looking to upgrade your existing machine, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.

  • 50% of all vehicles with aircon are fitted with 1234yf
  • R134a and 1234yf gas are not interchangeable
  • Different equipment is required to service both types of gas

Why invest in Air Conditioning equipment?

Air conditioning is not part of a routine vehicle service. Consequently, it often becomes an after-thought despite manufacturers recommending that the system should be checked and serviced regularly.

  • 18 million vehicles have aircon systems
  • 95% of all new vehicle registrations come with air-conditioning as standard
  • Air-conditioning systems should be serviced every 12 months
  • Gas should be topped up every year


If you’re currently outsourcing air conditioning servicing because you don’t have the right equipment at your garage, you should consider purchasing one. This will ensure you avoid turning away customers.

  • Increased revenue streams for your workshop
  • Minimal technician hands on time
  • Avoid subcontracting the work out to another garage
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention

Return on investment

Investing in a new aircon machine will pay for itself in a matter of months and generate an additional continuous revenue stream for your workshop.


  • 2 x Air conditioning services per week
  • Total cost per job including labour and consumables £90
  • Invoice price of £99** per job
  • Profit of £09 per job
  • Return on investment in 3 months based on £1,600 equipment

*Return on investment estimates are not a guarantee of earnings.

**Based on average market price.

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