Knowledge is power

Hybrid and electric vehicle production is growing, but is a garage’s knowledge to work safely with these vehicles growing at the same rate?

Evolving times
With the latest introduction of a low emission zone in Birmingham planned for June 1st 2021, it’s clear the UK and Irish Governments are showing no signs of slowing down in their environmentally focused projects. With these key changes looming, it comes as no surprise more car buyers are interested in what’s on offer in the hybrid and electric vehicle world – so the independent garage should be too.

Invest now, improve tomorrow

Being a garage who caters for hybrid and electric vehicles not only helps you to explore more opportunity, it also allows you to offer first fix solutions. Having a knowledgeable local garage around the corner will prove invaluable, reducing the loss of work to manufacturing garages, and ultimately increasing revenue streams.


Training for the future

We know working with new and exciting equipment that helps you tap into this additional work stream is exciting, but it can come with its own risk. Where questions around which the right equipment for the job at hand is the first challenge, having the correct training in your team to operate them should also be a priority when planning ahead.

At AutoEducation Academy, we offer extensive training courses at a variety of levels to help you prepare your team for the inevitable shift into more electric and hybrid jobs. We have a mix of packages available and you can take a look at the AutoEducation Academy website to find out more.



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