Tyres and Wheel Balancing

As more and more people are driving further for work and social engagements, cars are evolving and so are tyres and how we fix them. 

What some customers don’t realise is since 2015, tyre faults now result in a failed MOT. A common misconception of having these faults is the need to send the vehicle to a specialist once the results have been determined. Whilst specialists still have a place in the market, offering your customers a one stop shop for tyre and wheel balancing needs allows garages to provide first fix solutions, without having to lose business to other workshops. These services provide customers with greater satisfaction and value for money, ensuring they return, time and time again.

Having the right tools

As cars modernise so does the equipment needed to resolve faults in vehicles, especially the growing EV and Hybrid range. Having the right tools is the key to success. We have partnered with Hofmann Megaplan and Proway to create bespoke purchase plans including leasing options, meaning with the right tools in place, partnered with the correct training from our AutoEducation Academy, you can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction all the time, every time.

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