Recruiting the right way

Autotech Academy is a unique initiative which offers Level 2-3 college students a route into the automotive industry and supports a college's automotive course offering. Created by an award-winning company with strong motor sector experience and links.

Helping young vehicle technicians into their first paid employment

Autotech Academy is set to fill the automotive skills funnel, while providing college leavers, through a paid internship, with a solid foothold on the career ladder. Within three to twelve months (depending on a job role), the paid interns will be equipped with all the necessary experience to complement their college learning and any additional tooling and training which will help them make the transition into full-time, well-paid permanent employment.

How does this benefit your workshop?

Getting staff roles filled in the workshop can be tricky and stressful, with the lack of new talent coming into our industry, it can be hard to find the right staff. Autotech Academy have the answer and it’s easy to use unlike agencies that charge a premium with little return.

What are the benefits to you:

  • Hassle free – no need to search for trained staff

  • No advertising required through agencies

  • You have up to 12 months to decide whether to employ permanently

  • Get qualified staff instantly (IMI level 2-3 trained)

  • Depending on your requirements, you will be able to choose the training content for your paid intern

  • Arrive with their own tools, PPE, uniform and work wear supplied if required

  • No tax, holiday pay and sick pay, these are all taken care of by Autotech Recruit

  • No end of term fee if you keep or release your intern

  • Interview your tech before you sign them up, meaning, you get to choose.

Why should you use this scheme?

Getting staff placed into roles within the workshop has many advantages to our customers. They can realise the associated parts sales that a technician brings, so they can take on extra work and ultimately make more profit (parts sales could average £2k per month). More importantly, the scheme allows a workshop to prepare for the future, getting the right qualified staff now, trained in key areas, can mean the expansion of additional revenue streams and move into future technologies. It’s easy to use, accessible and ready to promote the next generation into our industry, whilst helping you get the right trained staff.

Your commitment

  • Up to a 12 month contract placement of a Level 3 qualified intern within your workshop

  • Assignment of a mentor, who will work alongside the intern to provide support when required.

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