Lower demand in MOTs doesn’t need to mean a dip in profitability.


Lower demand in MOTs doesn’t need to mean a dip in profitability.

As we move into the second quarter of 2021, garages and businesses are expecting challenging times with millions of MOTs effectively not taking place during these months.

With lockdown restrictions eased, there’s inevitably more vehicles on the road the road again, so now is a great time to remind your customers about the importance of safety and vehicles being road ready. This also presents you with an opportunity to get ahead of the curve by contacting your customers to bring their MOTs forward to avoid the rush.


  • Millions of British drivers lack the basic vehicle maintenance knowledge

  • Millions of British driver do not check the condition of the number plate or their screen wash level

  • A third of parents and carers (30%) said lack of time is the main reason they do not check their car more often.

  • Millions of British drivers cannot or do not want to know how to check their car’s tyre pressure*

*Provided by the DVSA

To help you tap into this newly created demand, we’ve created a business toolkit, made up of marketing materials and support guides to help increase profitability by increasing the number of vehicles on and off your ramps.

  • 59% of MOT customers prefer to choose a garage they have used before

  • 91% of customers are satisfied with the customer service from their MOT garage

  • 95% of customers trust their MOT garage

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