Winter Health Check

As we come into the winter months your customers will want to know their vehicle is safe for any journey.  The evenings begin to get darker earlier, and the weather gets colder, roads can be hazardous, and accidents happen.

The effects of wear and tear aren’t always obvious, so regardless of when your customers had their vehicle serviced, offering a Winter Health Check will give your customer peace of mind.

Offering a FREE Winter Health Check helps customers make sure their vehicle is safe whilst also providing potential revenue from any urgent repairs or maintenance that you identify during your checks

The Health Check takes approximately 30mins to complete, so doesn’t eat too much into your working day, and can be easily added to jobs you already have booked in.

To help you offer this to your customers we have created a downloadable vehicle inspection sheet for you to use.

Click below to download the Vehicle Health Check List

We have also created a handy guide for your customers that you can download and hand out, keeping them safe this winter.

Click below to download the Handy Customer Guide




Winter Health Check Colour Winter Health Check Greyscale Winter Health Check

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