Air Suspension

Air Suspension

Air suspension systems were fitted to vehicles in the premium sector from the late 1990s. Now air suspension is widely used on commercial and passenger car applications from a wide range of manufacturers.

Older cars and 4x4’s from the early 2000’s up to 2015 are losing residual value. Their current values do not warrant an OEM or premium brand replacement part.

Consumers are looking for a high quality but good value aftermarket brand. This enables the end user to keep their vehicle on the road for longer without a costly repair that will most likely send the vehicle to the scrapyard.

Range Overview

Starline has over 200 references for air suspension available from stock. Covering practically all applications in the EU aftermarket. The range covers all fast-moving items and frequently replaced items for BMW, Mercedes, JLR and VAG. Starline has also gone further to stock slower moving but equally important parts for brands such as Jeep, Tesla, PSA and more.

The range includes everything required for repairs to the air suspension systems. Air springs, air struts, air compressors, valve blocks and fitting pipes.

Product Highlights

Complete, pre-assembled and ready to fit compressors with fitting cages. Starline has a range of plug and play air compressors which can be directly fitted to the vehicle. The air supply units on BMW and VAG applications comprise of the air compressor, valve block, pipes and fitting cage.

These components are all supplied by different OEM manufacturers. Therefore, are not available as a complete unit from OEM or OES suppliers. Starline has aftermarket versions of the complete unit preassembled into the fitting cage.

This drastically reduces labour time and cost. To fit, simply unplug and undo the air lines. Remove the unit and replace with the new Starline unit. Reconnect the airlines and power plug. Then, after resetting the fault codes and ride height calibration, the vehicle can be back on the road.



  • Full range of air springs, air struts and compressors
  • Where possible Starline compressors are supplied as a complete air supply unit with the cage and valve block, instead of just the compressor unit alone vastly reducing ease and time of fitment
  • Air springs are manufactured to a minimum of OE standard or above vastly reducing ease and time of fitment
  • All products are 100% tested before leaving the factory.

One SKU to solve all Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport 05-13 air compressor issues. The early model Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport vehicles were fitted with a compressor supplied by Hitachi which was later dropped halfway through production and changed to a unit supplied by AMK.

There is no OEM replacement from the dealer

If you have a Hitachi type compressor on your vehicle, it must be upgraded to the AMK type compressor and have a software update to work.  This is a very costly repair and involves dealer software to recalibrate your car to work with the AMK unit. Starline has in range a modified AMK version which will fit directly without software update to cars with the Hitachi compressor. The same product will also fit directly without software update to later model cars with AMK compressors fitted.

So, no matter what compressor your car has, or whether it has been changed in the past the Starline solution fits all of them, without the cost and hassle of upgrading the software. If your car’s electrics have degraded over the years and the voltage is not there to fire the exhaust valve anymore, the Starline kit comes with a lower resistance exhaust valve to fit in this scenario.

This is the only solution like it on the market.

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