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In the automotive world, when it comes to engine sealing solutions, Corteco has most of it covered thanks to its close collaborations with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Germany) and Corteco Ishino (Japan).

Corteco boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of gaskets available to the aftermarket industry, supplying:

  • Cylinder head gaskets

  • Cover gaskets

  • Cylinder head bolts

  • Gasket kits

  • Sump gaskets (headset, conversion set, full set)

  • Manifold gaskets.

But that’s not all.

Corteco also offer strut mounts designed to ensure occupants of the vehicle are protected from any impact caused by speed bumps and potholes, isolating excess noise and vibrations.

Some key signs that it might be time for new mounts for you to look out for include:

 Replacement indicators

  • Loose, stiff or noisy steering

  • Vibrations

  • Poor steering return

  • Roll, sway, slide or bounce while cornering or driving on winding roads

  • Increased stopping distance.

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 When it comes to futureproofing, Elring is known for keeping up with the times; always looking to increase their range of products with the most up to date technologies.

Customers often ask questions about the manufacturer warranty, and by using products from Elring, you know you’re in safe hands, supported by the knowledge all products are supplied as OE quality or the actual OE product fitted to the car originally.

Elring offers designs tailored to respective engine requirements, whether you need Metaloflex ™ metal layer, metal elastomer, or metal/soft material cylinder head gasket - Elring has it.

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