So why Sachs?

Getting access to OE quality clutches is something which can be easier said than done.

With lots of choice, and lots of specifications, giving easy access to the many rather than the few is important. That’s why Sachs offer QE quality clutches, clutch kits and car clutch parts, allowing customers to get everything in one convenient place.

We all know the old saying “if you can’t find it, grind it” right? With Sachs you won’t have to worry about the “grinding”. Their parts are known for reliability, offering a longer service life and in turn allowing you to focus on other parts of the service.

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Identifying the failure?

To support efficiency and effectiveness of each service, Sachs have created a handy visual guide to identify possible signs of clutch failure.

Getting the right fix first time is invaluable when it comes to wasting time on diagnosing vehicles. First fix solutions give you time back to focus on key jobs, reducing customers wait time, increasing your profitability with more vehicles in and out your garage.

Each incident is supported by first-hand driver experiences comprised of slipping, grabbing, or shuddering. All of these “could” be the clutch, but it is not always the case.

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