Don't forget about Diesel

Diesel cars may not have spark plugs, but they still have their own glow.

When carrying out a service on Diesel vehicles, it’s common for glow plugs to get missed. Advice says whilst they don’t have scheduled replacement intervals, they should be looked at when the vehicle is in for a service/MOT given the heat produced is always on the decline.

So why Hidria?

Hidria is an OEM brand who supply 98% of the vehicle car parc.

By working with Hidria, you’re always buying right first time as the products used are the same ones used by leading manufacturers. Not only does this reduce the amount of time spent replacing glow plugs for the same vehicle throughout its life, it also helps to build customer loyalty safe in the knowledge they’re getting a first fix solution.

Take a look at Hidria’s exclusive range to LKQ Euro Car Parts here 

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