FEAD the demand

When cars modernise, so must the procedures. Changing components at the same time is quickly becoming the key to a healthy and happy vehicle.

Components of front-end auxiliary drive systems are always working to the same stresses; within reason it’s advised to change at the same time and not just check or replace the Ribbed V-belt.

Additional components such as air conditioning, power-assisted steering and start-stop systems along with strict CO2 targets has led to more people downsizing to smaller engines. Everything added up are known to create a greater load and greater stresses on the entire front end auxiliary drive.

Changing Water Pumps with Timing Belt Kits

Following on from front end systems, you must always be considering changing water pumps too.

Alongside the extensive range of individual pumps, INA have put together practical kits to help you carry out easy and more efficient repairs. These kits have everything you need to reduce repair time and ultimately increase workshop revenue with more vehicles coming through the door.

When a timing belt is replaced, it’s recommended to replace any components located within the belt drive at the same time. Any integrated water pump present will be affected by wear and sustain the same stresses belts do too.

Check out the PDFs above and find the kits available through our online buying platform; Omnipart. 

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