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You can get your place on a fantastic two-day IMI certified LuK Transmission Technology training course, provided by Schaeffler, when you register to LKQ Academy. Four lucky workshops will also receive a full set of Schaeffler REPXPERT clutch tools, along with a personalised on-site two-day training package for every technician in your workshop!

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As transmission technology continues to evolve at pace, independent workshops must try and stay up-to-date with the latest products, tools and training on offer to ensure they can keep carrying out professional clutch system repairs and replacements in the future.

Taking place over two full days, Schaeffler’s Transmission Training course takes in both current and forthcoming technology, from Self-Adjusting Clutches and Dual Mass Flywheels, to the wet or dry double clutch and automated actuation systems that are becoming ever more popular with vehicle manufacturers because of their comfort and efficiency benefits.

Despite there being well established automatic and CVT transmissions available, double clutch systems continue to steadily grow market share. Put simply, the smooth operation, direct drive and correlation between engine and gearbox speed of a double clutch system delivers better driving comfort, lowers emissions and improves fuel economy – making it a simple choice for vehicle manufacturers to make.

Like every clutch, a dry double clutch system is subject to wear and tear, so as their popularity grows it is vital that independent garages learn how to repair double clutch equipped vehicles to remain competitive - garages simply do not need to turn away this significant profit opportunity!

Conventional clutch replacements are standard practice for every garage, but when it comes to repairing a dry double clutch system the appropriate special tools and knowledge required may be missing. Schaeffler is the only company in the independent aftermarket to offer complete repair solutions for both wet and dry double clutch systems - the LuK RepSet 2CT. Each kit includes a double clutch module and all the necessary components required for the garage to change the clutch easily and professionally - whilst minimising costly errors and creating profit opportunities. LuK’s 2CT dry double clutch repair solution is easier to grasp than you might think when you apply the know-how and expertise available from Schaeffler’s REPXPERT technical training professionals.

Special tools are necessary for the accurate removal and installation of a double clutch. This is because, unlike a conventional clutch (which is bolted directly onto the engine side of the flywheel), a double clutch is tightly mounted onto the input shaft of the gearbox.

Dual mass flywheels for double clutch transmissions can be installed without special training or tools - however, it’s important to follow certain steps prior to removing the transmission as errors could cause potential costly problems.

Further information on LuK Double Clutch technology, other Schaeffler products and systems, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT workshop portal at – or by using the REPXPERT app, which is a free download for all iOS and Android devices.

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