Remanufactured Turbos – It makes sense!

Are you looking for OE standard turbos, but find yourself worrying about the price?

At LKQ Euro Car Parts, we now offer an extensive range of remanufactured turbos under the ‘Turbojetzt’ brand. Turbojetzt are remanufactured to OE standard and specification to perform like a new OE unit. The biggest benefit? They cost only a fraction of a brand-new unit.

When it comes to testing, each old core unit is subject to a strict visual ‘pre-production’ inspection. This ensures only the best turbo core is selected for remanufacturing.

All parts of the unit are dismantled, cleaned, and individually inspected. This process guarantees the product meets the original specification and tolerances. Each unit is tested up to operating speed before it leaves the factory.

But that’s not all, we now offer turbos and ancillary parts for LCVs too!

Most modern LCVs have turbo diesel engines fitted. Long motorway journeys at a high speed or stop/start journeys around a local area can provide extensive strain on the engine. If the engine is not properly maintained and serviced, these vehicles are at risk of a breakdown and in return, this may cause the turbo to fail.

To see the latest from Turbojetz or to find out more about how we can help you with LCV vehicles, click here!

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