Steering and Suspension

The biggest brands and the biggest steering and suspension range, now with industry-leading “unlimited mileage warranty”.

We have always been confident in our steering and suspension products and offer great warranties to support them. Whether it’s our own exclusive range of products, or from our many trusted suppliers.


But how do we make it better?

For 2023 we want to give our customers an extra level of confidence, and we will achieve this by offering an Industry leading unlimited mileage warranty.

What does that mean for you?

Trusted products, now become even better for you and your customers, meaning you can offer your customers great products and peace of mind once fitted.

What does our unlimited mileage warranty mean?

Industry Leading Unlimited Mileage Warranty is the ultimate simplified, no fuss, cover which puts the customer first. It offers extra peace of mind at no additional cost, and makes an attractive proposition for the garage to their customer. We are removing the mileage restrictions which have been considered the standard rules and replacing with our UNLIMITED mileage cover.

There’s no catch for our customers, simply fit and forget and we take care of the rest.

* Our Steering and Suspension warranty is no quibble. It does not include off-road use (4x4 days, track days).

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