Back to Work

We’ve been working with our team of experts to understand and encourage the things garages will need to consider to ensure a successful reopening – and we’ve developed a handy guide for our trade customers, complete with tips, advice and suggested products and solutions.

The immediate priority is safety – for garage staff and customers. Putting protective measures in place in line with the latest government guidance will help to reassure customers that their local garage is taking the situation seriously.

We’re also advising garages to proactively bring in business, both to bring revenue back through the workshop door, and so that they can take control – initially at least – of the volume of inbound work. Marketing is an important tool, to let customers know that their local garage is open again, and to confirm that it’s operating in a safe and responsible way. We’re helping garages make use of free tools like social media, or the e-shots that come with their garage management systems.

Garages that identify customers on their database with overdue services or MOTs can contact them and offer them an early booking slot of their choice – which in turn helps them to define their opening hours, understand the technician resource they’ll need and effectively manage their finances. One garage owner we spoke to in the last couple of weeks reported a 43% uptake on the phone calls he made in a single day, and another converted 11 phone calls into bookings in one day.

When it comes to payment, our advice to garages is to take card payment where possible and steer clear of cash, talking through invoices with customers on the phone, to minimise the need for close quarters interaction when they collect their vehicles. For customers who have a one-off or unexpected vehicle repair and are struggling to cover the cost – especially in the current circumstances where many incomes have been affected – the Payment Assist service we offer provides a simple, short-term, interest free loan, helping convert jobs for garages with no risk to their business, while helping them build customer relationships.

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