Above and beyond

Going the extra mile is always important, whether it’s with a new customer you’re looking to impress or your long term, loyal customer relationships that have been around for years.

With many vehicles going unused for a longer period over recent lockdowns, there’s inevitability been an increase in common faults occurring on MOT tests. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because common faults can lead to untapped areas of services which in an ordinary world may seem unimportant and labour intensive.

As well as plugging the MOT gap, it’s a great idea to test for issues, that can not only keep your customer safe, but also lead to more sales.

Going the extra mile is key and should be applied to every vehicle coming into workshops - it not only opens the door for more revenue, it also builds confidence by showing your customers vehicle health is at the heart of everything you do.

The ways to maximise your sales opportunity whilst a customer’s car is on the ramp can be as simple as offering:

  • Screenwash top up

  • Exterior glass treatment with Rainex

  • An engine flush if an oil change is required

  • Headlight restoration and clean

  • Air fresheners

These all may seem easy enough but carrying these tests out on all vehicles will go a long way in building customer satisfaction and help keep them coming back to you every time.

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