Replacing in pairs

Brakes work together and are changed together, so why aren’t shocks and springs?

Even though some people think they do, suspension components do not work on their own. When coming to a halt, brake pads and discs work together resulting in the cars weight shifting, putting pressure on shocks and springs. Whilst many people always change pads and discs in pairs, it’s advised shocks and springs follow suit.

By replacing shocks and springs in singles, it can lead to several issues. These can include:

  • Less responsive steering
  • Increased braking distances especially in extreme weather conditions
  • Reduced levels of comfort when driving
  • Increased and unbalanced tyre wear
  • Increased cost for repair in the long run by having to replace further down the line
  • Vehicle imbalance as one side of the vehicle is higher than the other.

Not only does replacing in pairs create greater revenue for your business, it builds trust; showing your customers safety is your number one priority, creating stronger relationships so they want to come back to you.

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