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MPM Automatic Transmission Fluids, Engine Oils & Gearbox Oils

Premium synthetic, Semi-synthetic and Multi-grade Engine Oils available in 1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr and 205ltr barrels

Covers 99% of automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes

More than 35 different Automatic Transmission fluids (ATFs) and gearbox oils, sizes from 1L – 20L

OE prescribed and approved products that comply 100% with the OE specs

MPM is the specialist in original lubricants, oils and fluids recommended to use on any car you service.

MPM supplies the recommended and approved products as specified by the car manufacturer, so you’re always assured of the correct product, with the highest quality to offer your customers.

Our rapid technology offers: the best preservation, the least amount of wear, and the best performance; whilst providing your customers a minimal fuel consumption, and helping to protect the environment.


Supplying your Garage with a wide range of Engine, Gear Oils & Automatic Transmission Fluids

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AMT - Automatic Manual Transmission 

Many drivers experience this system as an automatic transmission, but it is in fact a manual gearbox operated by a “robot”. Examples of such a transmission are the Opel Easytronic and Alfa Romeo Selespeed transmissions.

Fluids required for the AMT transmission:
- transmission fluid (for example 18000MTF)
- electro / hydraulic control (for example 50000SCF)
Change cycle: these are comparable to those of manual transmissions.


DCT- Double Clutch Transmission

This system is a gearbox with a double-clutch and two axles. The odd gears and the even gears lie on two separate axes. The system is called DSG (Direct Shift Gear) by the VAG group. These transmissions can be fitted with a dry or a wet clutch; in case of the wet clutch, the plates operate in a fluid bath.

Fluids that may be necessary for the DSG transmission:
- if it is a version with a “wet” clutch, fluid for the coupling plates is used (for example 16000DCTF)
- fluid for the transmission section (e.g. 16000DSG)
- fluid for the control, actuator section (e.g. 50000)

Change cycle: DCT / DSG transmissions must absolutely be refreshed on time, at the intervals specified by the manufacturer. Usually, this is between 60,000 and 120,000 kilometers.


CVT Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

This system has no fixed gears. The speed is determined with the accelerator pedal and the CVT causes the car to accelerate. The heart of the CVT transmission is formed by a so-called push belt or chain. This push belt or chain runs over two pulleys of which the diameters vary, which results in a stepless, continuously adjustable transmission. CVTs are often used by Japanese car manufacturers, but the Audi Multitronic is also a CVT transmission.

Fluids required for the CVT transmission:
- CVT fluid, (for example 16000CVT)

Change cycle: with CVT transmission, usually between 60,000 and 120,000 kilometers.


Automatic Transmission (AT)

This refers to the conventional automatic transmission with torque converter. The automatic transmission of a modern car requires timely and adequate service. There are different manufacturers that produce different systems of automatic transmissions. They each determine different requirements for the transmission fluid. The differences can for example be found in the viscosity and frictional characteristic. The fluid for an AT type transmission is generally called ATF; Automatic Transmission Fluid. There are many brand/model specific requirements for ATF fluids, an example is the 16000MB9 for a 9-speed Mercedes Benz automatic transmission.

Change period: Car brands sometimes indicate that flushing or changing the transmission fluid is not necessary. MPM recommends changing the fluid of the automatic transmission (AT) after approximately 90,000 kilometers to prevent repairs and high costs. With this type of transmission fluid stays behind in the torque converter (and oil cooler + hoses), so flushing and filling with new fluid is often better than changing.



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