Alternators & Starter Motors


While the battery is essential for starting your car when it’s off, the alternator keeps your car alive when the engine is running. The alternator powers most car’s electronic components while you’re driving around or idling, including your headlights, electric steering, power windows, windshield wipers, heated seats, dashboard instruments, and radio. The alternator supplies all of them with direct current (DC) power. Your alternator is also responsible for charging your car battery while driving.

Our complete range of alternators offers high-quality and tested components. They cover a wide range of vehicles, covering up to 90% of the vehicle car parc in UK and Ireland.  All products are engineered to OE specifications.


  • Engineered to OE specifications
  • Designed and optimised to exceed OE criteria
  • Not remanufactured
  • Lead-free brushes, extensively tested to ensure unmatched performance and reliability
  • Premium quality bearings to prevent internal galling and premature bearing failure
  • Pressure-fit high capacity diodes to provide improved heat dissipation and a longer service life
  • Double insulated rotors and stators to maintain a more stringent electrical signal, reduce internal shorts, as well as reduce electrical signal degradation that a thinner insulation may cause
  • Precision polished slip-rings to ensure maximum electrical contact while preventing possible arcing and voltage spikes.
  • New 24 month extended warranty

Starter Motors

A starter motor is simply an electric motor that turns your engine on when you switch the ignition. To do this, the starter motor requires a lot of torque to turn the engine at such fast speeds, so that it pulls fuel and air into the cylinders and compresses them at the same time.

While sounding like a simple task, great forces and strain are but upon these parts, ensuring the right quality of materials and thorough testing are key.  At Starline we put our products through rigorous testing, so your safe in the knowledge that when you come to fit our products to a customers vehicle you can fit with confidence. 


  • Engineered to OE specifications
  • Not remanufactured
  • Our manufacturers are totally certified by ISO9001 system
  • Start-Stop system starters included in the range
  • All products are tested to high standards before being shipped
  • Salt spray tested
  • High and low temperature cycle test chamber
  • Starter DV performance tested.
  • New 24 month extended warranty

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