Powering up your workshop

We are proud to introduce to you the extensive Starline batteries range, the new Powerhouse in aftermarket batteries with 71 references covering standard automotive, Stop/Start, commercial, leisure and marine. Starline batteries meet the most extreme testing conditions and are produced using the latest calcium technology which offers improved resistance to corrosion with minimal gassing and lower self-discharge,this means maximum starting power when you need and rely on it the most, sealed maintenance free and never requiring topping up even under the harshest conditions. Already a firm favourite throughout Europe Starline batteries has taken the battery aftermarket by storm and is set to do the same in the UK.

AGM Batteries
AGM is the leading technology on the market for the most exacting requirements. AGM batteries are engineered to cope with the excess heat created by regenerative braking and the continuous on/off action of the Stop-Start system. Importantly they power the electrics when the engine is in “sleep mode”, at traffic lights or stuck in jams. Only ever replace AGM with AGM or it will fail prematurely.
EFB Batteries
EFB technology satisfies requirements that lie somewhere between conventional starter batteries and AGM technology. Like AGM, EFB batteries power the electrics when the engine is in “sleep mode”. They ensure that sufficient energy is always available, even when a large number of energy consumers are operating during the stop phase. Only ever replace EFB with EFB, or it will fail prematurely.
Commercial batteries
The Starline Commercial battery range covers a huge range of heavy goods vehicle (HGV). Agricultural applications, including sleeper cabs, tail lifts and refrigeration units. All our commercial batteries are resilient, hard wearing, long life due to the great stresses placed upon them.
Marine and Leisure batteries
The Starline Marine and Leisure batteries range covers a wide variety of sport and lifestyle applications. From garden machinery, caravanning and boating. Our range is available with single or dual terminals, and sealed case. Starline leisure units come complete with robust carry handles and charge indicator.
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