We’re all about LuK

Have you ever been in the situation where you want to help, but simply can’t? If yes, the Schaeffler RepXpert technical training professionals are on hand to help.


Schaeffler brand LuK are the experts in drive train, with a huge range of support solutions offering training, technical resources, and a service hotline.


LuK are a leading repair solution for the independent aftermarket, giving you unlimited access to clutches, release systems, vibration damping or transmission components.

Schaeffler are proud to be the only company in the independent aftermarket offering a repair solution for dry double clutch systems known as the LuK RepSet 2CT. The LuK dry double clutch repair is the latest in a long line of solutions when it comes to clutches, and it’s easier to grasp than you might think.

To minimise costly errors, each kit includes a double clutch module with all the necessary components required to change the clutch easily and professionally.

Give RepXperts a call or get in touch with your local branch to find out more.


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